I-70 to Connellsville

After last nights ordeal, today was great!  We got up and had some breakfast at the hotel, and then got on our way.  The slight hill on highway 981 was easy to crank up, knowing we were heading down the long grade to the Youghiogheny River.

When we got on the trail, it was obvious it had rained overnight, and so the trail was damp with almost no sign of tracks.  It looked like two other bikes had ridden the trail ahead of us.  We quickly got going through the beautiful green landscape.

This section of the trail had a very slight incline that I could feel as we got going.  In places the center of the trail had grown over.  We passed through various small “developments” … groups of homes along the trail … and past several small parks and ball fields, but overall the trail was quiet and remote.  Even passing near some of the more populated areas along the trail, the trees, forest, and hills made them hard to detect.  There were a few good camping spots along the trail … maybe to be used on a future trip.

What is interesting today is that although on the map the trail appears to twist and turn, it really was not that detectable when riding.  We saw the turns … but they didn’t seem that tight.

Today was quite on wildlife.  We didn’t see too much … birds, butterflies, one weasel or something.

Once we stopped at the Rivers Edge Campground for a burger (which was good!) then Connellsville was not far away.  We got to the B&B and dropped off our gear.  Walking around town has me realize that Connellsville has SO much potential as a town … really cool place!

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